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Senior UX Designer

Experience Design Agency




60,000 - 70,000 per annum

Our client is a leading experience design agency based in London. They are currently producing some of the most innovative and game changing products and are now looking for a Senior UX Designer to join their vibrant and talented UX team.

Ultimately you’ll love working with marketing and branding teams, recognising the value these disciplines bring to UX. You will be highly digitally articulate, able to both grasp digital concepts quickly and also to deconstruct and explain them to a non-digital audience. Invention will be at the heart of what you do; given a small problem, you’ll always be innately prepared to run a workshop. Your documentation and outputs are often described as beautiful, clear, compelling and relevant and you can think of three different ways to concisely explain what it means to have a ‘Digital Vision’.

Required experience:

  • Significant UX experience (8+ years), ideally in a well-known digital agency, some of which must be recent experience on leading edge projects

  • A solid period of time working in a client side UX environment

  • Successfully managed team(s) of UX practitioners through a range of complex projects; can demonstrate how you have developed your team and their skills and capability

  • Successful client management and leadership. Working with the client services team you can show how you have engaged clients in a concept and taken them with you on the journey

  • Evidenced experience of defining and refining the toolbox of experience design that makes digital things the best they can be: a hacker attitude to methodology. In our view invention and evolution are the best approaches to continuous improvement

  • Experience of tinkering with programming languages in the past but would not call yourself a coder

  • Strong evidenced people leadership and management skills

  • Excellent communication skills both written and verbal; capacity to write proposals with successful outcomes

  • Experience of contributing to high value and high profile projects worth upwards of £500,000 for global clients

  • Experience working in teams across a variety of disciplines e.g. strategy, user experience, visual design, content, campaigns, front and back end development

  • Direct experience of the commercial/financial challenges of running a projects based business 

  • Experience defining, documenting and implementing new processes and practices

  • Has worked in a small agency environment

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